County Saddlery Inc, Purchase, Shipping and Return Policy 


 Horse activities are inherently dangerous. The manufacturers, distributors and sellers will not accept any responsibilities for injury, death, lameness or illness resulting from the use or misuse of these products. 

In stock items ship the same day and are delivered in 1-5 business days depending on your location.  Custom saddle orders are shipped in 10-12 weeks.


 New/Custom Saddles: County is a strong advocate of a team approach in determining which saddle is right for you and your horse, which includes the involvement of your trusted consultants or advisors such as your trainer, veterinarian, physical therapist or other professionals. It is your choice, however our preference, is that anyone who may influence your decision as to which saddle to choose is present at the time of your fitting. Deposit Required: $1500.00 for any saddle order, due at time of order. Balance due upon shipment from the factory. 

Cancellation Policy: Any saddle order may be cancelled at no charge within three days of the date of the order. Orders for Standard saddles cancelled after three days, may be subject to a $750.00 charge if production of the saddle has been started. Orders for Custom saddles cancelled after three days, may be subject to a $1500.00 charge if production of the saddle has been started. 

Upon Receipt of Your New Saddle: When you receive the saddle, we encourage you to girth it up, wrap the leathers (cellophane, vet wrap, tube socks, etc.) and test ride it for approximately one (1) week. This will allow the wool to settle and determine correct fit as well as give you a sufficient opportunity to test ride. Call your representative within 5 days of receipt to make an appointment for the initial fitting. 

Initial Fitting: This service is offered and rendered by the Independent Sales Agent only, as part of their customer service and is not transferable outside the state/territory where the saddle was sold. If the purchaser moves out of their independent seller’s territory prior to receiving their saddle, the initial fitting may be performed by another County Independent Seller assuming there is one in the state/territory where they have moved. However, there may be a charge for the initial fitting service and the schedule for the work must be agreed upon between the customer and the agent in the new state/territory. Initial Fitting services are not part of any sales agreement for purchasers in states/territories where there is no resident Independent County Sales Representative. 

Fitting Policy: Because horses change shape for a multitude of reasons, some of which are; feed, condition, type and level of work, seasonal change, lameness or lay-up etc. Fitting is guaranteed to meet customer’s satisfaction at time of initial fitting only. Any dissatisfaction with initial fit must be pointed out to the representative and to County Saddlery, Inc. (301-854-6059 – at the time of the initial fit. If through no fault of the selling agent, the horse and/or rider are not available for an initial fit within 4 weeks of receipt of the saddle, the client assumes responsibility for the initial fit, and waives the guarantee of initial fit by County Saddlery, Inc. 

Fitting adjustments after the initial fitting are not included as part of this sale and are not the responsibility of County Saddlery, Inc. County Saddlery itself does not provide nor is it responsible for the outcome of fitting or fitting services provided after the initial fit. However, most County independent contractors are Master Saddler's Assoc. trained saddle fitters and may offer independent additional fitting or adjustment services for a fee after purchase 

Horse Safety: Horses can, for innumerable reasons, become sore in their backs, stifles, hocks etc. When an owner/rider suspects that their saddle is causing soreness or discomfort; it is the owner’s responsibility to immediately cease the use of the saddle and seek veterinary advice. Failing to do so can compound an otherwise minor problem and potentially result in long term injury. County Saddlery is not responsible for injury or soreness due to the owner’s failure to immediately cease the use of their saddle if discomfort or injury is suspected nor for problems which may relate directly or indirectly to pre-existing conditions. 

Definitions and Return Policies: 

Standard Saddles A standard saddle is one with the standard basic design associated with each model, including: leg flap length and position, color, seat sizes 16.5” -18”, thigh rolls (knee rolls) and calf rolls which are typically used for the respective models, tree sizes Narrow, Medium and Wide. Example of standard: 17" M Competitor. Selecting features relating to the rider, such as seat size, flap position, and knee rolls is subjective. The client is fully responsible for selection of said features. 

Return policy on Standard Saddles: 

$100 administrative/shipping/handling fee for any “Standard” saddle returned in like new condition within 15 days of receipt. Concerns must be reported within 15 days of receipt of saddle 

Custom Saddles: A custom saddle is anything other than standard basic designs i.e.: sizes, features and colors as described above as a “Standard”. Example of Custom: 17” M Competitor, Long Flap. A “Long Flap” is a custom feature. 

Return policy on Custom Saddles: If for any reason other than those stated in the "Defects and Failure to Deliver" paragraph below, this custom saddle is returned, the customer will forfeit their $1500 deposit. No returns will be honored after 15 days of receipt of saddle unless concern has been documented with agent and the County office. Concerns must be reported within 15 days of receipt of saddle. 

Tree Changing Policy: 

County Saddlery, Inc. will replace a tree on a new saddle, only if the fit applies to the original horse and for the following fee: 

Within 12 months of purchase - $500.00 

Defects or Failure to Deliver: In the event any of the following may occur, County will make its best effort to correct the problem promptly. 

In all instances, County reserves the right, at its own discretion, to correct the problem, including initial fit, repair material defects or replace a saddle for any of the reasons stated. All repairs must be performed by County Saddlery, Inc. Concerns must be reported within 15 days of receipt of saddle. 

Saddle is returnable for a full refund if any of the following apply: (This does not apply to Demo/Trial saddles.) 

· Saddle has a substantial material defect which County feels cannot be reasonably repaired. 

· County fails to deliver the features which were ordered by the customer. 

· The saddle does not initially fit and the horse hasn't changed and County is unable to correct the fit. 

Non-Returnable Saddles: 

Demo/Stock Saddles: May be tried for five days before purchase but are not returnable after purchase. Please contact your County Saddlery agent or County Saddlery, Inc. if you have any questions about the fit. Demo saddles are sold “As Is” and are not returnable. Custom Saddles which are ordered with a feature/colour or a combination of features/colours which make it more difficult to resell are not returnable for any reason other than those outlined in our Defects/Failure to Deliver clause. 


***  We are now selling & shipping Demo Saddles outside of the United States, 
*** Do to customer demand. We are now selling & shipping Demo Saddles outside of the United States, 
All Saddles Are Sold "AS IS.  All Sales are "Final". THEY ARE NOT FOR TRIAL And May Not Be Returned For Any Reason.  
It Is Entirely Up To The Customer Is Solely Responsible For Determining Exactly What Their Individual Saddle Requirements
Are Including But Not Limited To Seat Size, Tree Size, Flap Requirements etc.