​County Saddlery Solves Problem of Horse’s High Withers – Which Saddle Pads Can't Do – with New Sensation® Jumping Saddle

County Saddlery Solves Problem of Horse’s High Withers – Which Saddle Pads Can't Do – with New Sensation® Jumping Saddle

Horse Loses Pain, Rider Has Everything to Gain from Innovative Saddle Design

County Saddlery today announced its Sensation® jumping saddle, touting its innovative design as the key to solving the frequently occurring problem of horses’ high withers, a problem riders often unsuccessfully attempt to address by using multiple saddle pads.

Withers are the highest part of a horse's back, located at the base of the neck above the shoulders – the height of a horse is measured up to the withers. For jumping horses with high, narrow withers, saddles often are a painful, difficult fit, forcing riders to compensate by using extra saddle pads. But riders’ efforts to fix the high-withers problem with saddle pads are misguided, according to available research.

County’ Saddlery’s new Sensation® jumping saddle solves the high-withers problem with only one saddle pad. Along with County’s recently released Innovation saddle, Sensation® is specifically designed to provide unmatched comfort and clearance for horses with high withers, according to the company, providing unprecedented pain relief for the horse and maximum performance for the rider.

County's new Sensation® jumping saddle is specifically designed to provide comfort and clearance for high narrow withers like no other saddle in the world. The Sensation® is available in wider tree sizes with options to custom fit any shape horse and rider with the same great results! The difference for your horse can be amazing. The ride for you will be Sensational!

County's Innovation™ Saddle also fits horses with high withers. If you are an instructor you will love how it puts your students leg in just the right place so they remain balanced like never before. If you are an international competitor you will love how your horse uses himself like never before. If you are a horse you will love not being in pain every time you’re tacked up. Innovation™, you will love it!

“I never realized how much of a difference a saddle could make until I rode in my first County Innovation. Now, all my Grand Prix horses are in County’s and my husband, veterinarian Steve Engle, can’t believe the difference in our horse’s backs and attitudes!”

-Margie Engle
USA, Olympian

County’s traditional methods take longer and require a higher degree of craftsmanship than competitors’ methods, but once a rider sits in a County, the results are clearly worth it. The company’s commitment to quality and detail is reflected in every saddle it makes.

Resisting the trend toward cheaper production methods that use foam-rubber panels and plastic trees, County saddles are handmade on laminated beech-wood trees, covered in the world’s finest leather, and flocked with pure wool to maximize horses' comfort and fit. One of the few saddlery companies in the world to make their own tree points, County sets the industry standard in design and innovation.

County Saddlery also manufactures, Dressage Saddles, Jumping Saddles, Multi-Purpose Saddles,

For more information, readers should visit County’s website at or call 1-877-41-HORSE.

14th Sep 2018

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