The County Perfection!


the perfection When we asked many of the world's top riders what they felt when they sat in our newest dressage saddle, they exclaimed it's "Perfect". So we named it "Perfection". When customers asked us to explain the difference between the "Perfection" and other saddles, we realized that the feelings are indescribable. You have to experience it. "Perfection" is a feeling you don't want to miss.

the Fusion

Every rider, like every horse, deserves a design that is especially suited to their needs. The Fusion’s popularity is a testament to its effectiveness as an alternative to conventional designs. Featuring an external knee roll and a carefully balanced seat to leg flap relationship this saddle is a delicate blend of design art and science. Fusion, it brings you and your horse closer together.

The competitor

Before you sit in it, clear your mind, close your eyes and prepare for fit, comfort and feel that you have never experienced in any dressage saddle before. The CompetitorTM blends the best of the old with the most significant improvements in dressage saddle design in decades. This saddle is incomparable in material quality: featuring the worlds finest leather, pure wool flock and our patented laminated beechwood spring trees with lifetime warranties. ™ the competitor

the connection

The sitting trot becomes almost effortless in the ConnectionTM. The narrow twist, seat profile, optional leg positions, and the extreme close contact leather all combine to create a feel you would not have thought possible. Before you buy anything try this saddle and find out how much easier riding becomes when you have the right Connection


the innovation Why will you love the Innovation™? If you are an instructor you will love how it puts your students leg in just the right place so they remain balanced like never before. If you are an international competitor you will love how your horse uses himself like never before. If you are a horse you will love not being in pain every time you’re tacked up. Innovation™, you will love it!

the stabilizer

“The Soundness Solution.” When you combine our patented tree, which eliminates twisting on the landing side of a jump; our specially designed wool flocked panels with unique features which can eliminate saddle shifting; and our unmatched knowledge of saddle fitting, your horse will tell you almost immediately: The StabilizerTM is unquestionably “The Best for Backs.”

Stabilizer X TR

the stabilizer xtr How close is your close contact saddle with a stack of pads under it? Not very. If your close contact saddle needs a stack of pads to be balanced or to keep your horse from being sore, it’s time for you to try the Stabilizer XTR. Our specially designed tree, wool flocked panels and unique leather fits without all those pads, putting you as close as you can get and helping you stay there over the biggest jumps. The perfect saddle for the rider who is constantly looking for something eXTRa to improve their performance.

the eventer

The Eventer continues to be one of the most popular multipurpose saddles ever designed. The Eventer allows your horse the freedom to run and jump as well as the balance, comfort and security necessary for you to meet all the challenges of the various riding disciplines. Made with top quality hides and wool flocked panels, the Eventer reflects County’s tradition of the best possible value, without compromising quality


the drespri Proper flap position is essential to proper leg position. Conventional all purpose saddles compromise by placing the flap somewhere between jumping and dressage positions. The Drespri eliminates the compromise with a flap that simply and securely adjusts to three different leg positions. So if your all purpose saddle is really a no purpose saddle, eliminate the compromise with the Drespri.

the conquest

The Conquest is the ultimate cross county or stadium jumping saddle. It features a beautifully profiled seat with an extended balance point which allows the rider to effortlessly lower themselves into the seat or move into a two point position while remaining in perfect balance. The uniquely designed leg flap is an ingenious blend of optimum support and close contact feel unlike anything you have experienced before. As with all County saddles, the Conquest features our patented tree and wool flocked panels to insure your horse’s maximum performance, fit and comfort.

The logic girth

Since the beginning of horseback riding, man has failed to make a girth that lines up with the billets and gives the horse more elbow room. Until now. The Logic Girth is anatomically designed to provide clearance for the elbow and line up with the billets, thus preventing the saddle from being pulled down and forward into the withers when the girth is tightened. Achieving more comfort for the horse and a more elegant look for the rider is simple when you apply Logic.

12th Sep 2018

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